👨🏻‍💻 Gionatha Sturba

I embarked on my journey as a Software Engineer during my time at the University of Pisa, where I pursued a degree in Computer Science.

Upon completing my studies, I transitioned into the role of a Java Backend Developer for a local company. This initial professional experience enriched me with diverse IT projects, fostering connections and enabling me to evolve both as an engineer and an individual.

Yet, a desire for a new chapter in my career began to blossom within me. I yearned for a venture that would allow me to explore my potential independently. This yearning led me to step away from my routine job and dive into acquiring fresh tech skills, primarily centered around Web development.

Amidst mastering these new and exciting technologies, I also dedicated myself to crafting a portfolio that showcased my capabilities. Through projects that I meticulously developed, I shared my accomplishments on my personal webpage and notably on my YouTube channel.

A year of unwavering dedication bore fruit when I secured the role of a Frontend Engineer at ProntoPro, my current professional home. Here, I continue to channel my passion for technology into meaningful contributions.